We offer a full range of construction services, capabilities and techniques to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Specializing in the construction of corporate headquarters, office buildings, warehousing and manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, retail outlets, lending institutions, assisted living facilities, government buildings, specialty stores, apartment complexes, and more, our team is equipped to handle just about any construction need. From pre-construction, through to final occupancy, we assess the specific needs and demands of each project we face and craft a carefully outlined and detailed approach that will go above and beyond client needs and expectations. Each project is a collaboration between our skilled construction team, knowledgeable partners and valued clients.


Our staff, comprised of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals with over a century of experience in construction, delivers valued leadership and accountability on each and every project we undertake.

Plank Construction Services is committed to the Green Initiative.

As a company who is concerned with the environment and conserving its natural resources, we at Plank Construction Services take the necessary steps to commit to constructing buildings that are environmentally sustainable. As part of the nationwide LEED™ initiative, we have LEED™ Accredited Personnel on staff, and work with other LEED™ Accredited Professionals, to build a greener future for our community and our clients.

In our effort to go green we are committed to consistently utilizing the following proactive green practices on all projects:

  • Use of natural light and energy sources whenever possible
  • Efficient management of indoor air quality
  • Environmentally-friendly waste management
  • Use of energy-saving systems and techniques
  • Use of regional materials whenever possible
  • Use of recycled materials

Plank Construction Services is also recognized by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) as a company who is actively reducing energy consumption, promoting the use of renewable energy sources and proactively protecting the environment. We have completed projects with NYSERDA Certifications, and are promoting change through the widespread use of innovative technologies to improve energy consumption and reuse.

We are strong advocates of energy conservation and of environmentally-friendly products, and encourage their use wherever possible. Plank believes that the preservation of our resources is not only part of our culture, but our responsibility as a corporate citizen. We are working to build a brighter, greener and healthier future.