Streamlining project delivery and management, from initial design through to final completion.

Working under a single contract with the project owner, Plank Construction Services facilitates both the design and construction of projects in order to streamline the management process and keep projects moving along efficiently and effectively for all parties involved. In other words, Plank Construction Services spearheads one unified workflow from project initiation to final completion.

Our strong relationships with local architects, designers, sub consultants, engineers, industry peers and colleagues help to facilitate a smooth design-build process. We select our project team based on the specific expertise needed for a job, and we work collaboratively with all parties involved. This integrated team approach allows us to work more efficiently and cost-effectively, remaining on track with project budgets and schedules.

The design-build approach and delivery system offers project owners many advantages. In addition to the ease of having only one project contract for all entities involved, a design-build system can also keep costs down, streamlines the decision-making process and greatly improves the lines of communication throughout the life of a project.